Friday, June 4, 2010

Dow Down 200 - PERFECT!

Stock index futures are falling off a cliff as this morning's reading on jobs noticeably missed consensus estimates.

Now what have I been pounding the table about ever since "they" started talking healthcare reform, financial industry reform, penalty fees levied on banks, higher taxes on business owners, etc.? The real world fact that when you hit businesses, you hit the consumer


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  2. The job growth is mainly in the government sector, which means more regs and more taxes to pay for these workers, who help screw everything up and make us dependent on them.
    That is no stimulation in my book...We have a big villain in the White House with a lot of helpers spinning the truth, and it is going to take a lot of determinded people to vote him out. It is hard to be idealistic under these circumstances. I guess my glass is still half empty - I can only hope for the right kind of change... and that we will overcome in spite of all the obstacles and see real job growth..