Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Near-Death Experience

At approximately 4am last Thursday I was woken from a deep sleep by the deafening sound of an extremely anxious five-foot long diamond back rattlesnake, coiled at the foot of my bed. I froze, our eyes locked, his blood-red forked tongue slithered in the direction of his gaze as he positioned himself to strike. I


  1. Good and fun article - let's hope the politicians get real and that things will change and time is not wasted by
    squabbling that leads to nowhere.
    (Mixing up the seating reminds me of a Kindergarten try, once out on the playground things will be the same...)

  2. It certainly worked. Great post. Keep 'em coming.

  3. Good article! When is your next novel coming out, "The Attack of the Monster Rattle Snake?"

  4. What a startling way to capture your audience! It certainly worked for me. I clicked on the button immediately to check out that snake in your bed.
    Good article.
    Stay well.
    Shirley Koleen