Monday, May 30, 2011

We Know Better

So your best friend needs advice... Her 25 year-old son is struggling to complete his freshman year in college, parties like mad, won't get a job and crawls out of his Batman bed around 2pm every day...

You of course don't tell her you're thinking "My God, your son's been sleeping in the same bed since he was 5, it's all your fault, you never let/made him grow up. My (16 year old) Jimmy will never get away with that crap!" Instead you gingerly lecture; "Honey you're enabling him. If he knows you're there to take care of him, he'll never stand on his own. You think you're helping, but you're only getting in his way"...

Fast forward 9 years, it's 3pm on a Saturday, your Jimmy, the 25 year-old City College Sophomore, is still in bed... And you knew better!!

The over-confident conservative Ivy-League brown-noser with the gift of gab easily wins a seat in Congress on his articulate yet blazing critique of incumbents - on his smaller government, balanced budget, personal liberty, "let's-take-back-our-nation" platform... He's not a bad guy going in, heck, he even kinda believes his own words.

But now he's in, and he's hit with the deepest recession in three-quarters of a century: Sheer panic + his (and his fellow butt-kissers') cluelessness + a not-on-my-watch mentality = $trillions spent, debt/deficits ad infinitum, and regulations out the whazoo. I.e., everything he campaigned against! And he knew better!!

Coddling, placating, spending and regulating is no better for our economy than it is for our kids... We know this intuitively. So how about we vote our intuition?

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