Thursday, June 30, 2011

The rich bastards can afford it.... But...

If you're to any degree a news-watcher, right about now the words "corporate jets" are ringing in your ears... In the few minutes I spent watching the President's Wednesday news conference I heard "corporate jets" easily a half-dozen times... Over the past 24 hours "corporate jets" has become the talking point for the gang of policymakers championing the fight to increase taxes to justify increasing our nation

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  1. Just more of the "Politics of Envy." Those "evil" corporations and their frivolous purchases. Does he not understand that the jet makes business more efficient? Isn't that why he has Air Force One? Of all people to gripe about corporate jets.

    The executives and employees travel cheaper and can get business done faster. What about the company that built the jet, the engineers who designed it, the technicians who crafted it, the people who fly and maintain it. Sounds like jobs, lots of high paying jobs. What is the problem with that, Mr. President?