Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Real Truth About the Economy...

I'm good for 3 or 4 of the 1.4 million hits on [MoveOn.org's] video below. I gotta tell ya, I'm amazed at how Economist, and former U.S. Labor Secretary, Robert Reich can illustrate "The Truth About the Economy" in a mere 2 minutes, 15 seconds. But I suppose offering up talking points, with no more than surface (and suspect) justifiers, is how you influence/motivate/mislead your everyday voter. Most folks (not you of course), alas, won't commit five minutes (could be Facebooking) to get to the "real truth".

I toyed with the idea of offering up my own rendition of "The Truth About the Economy" (with statistics I've previously cited on this blog), but luckily for me - and you - Professor Don Boudreaux (video #2 below) beat me to it. The thing is, he takes a whole 5 minutes (a Youtube marathon to "most folks") to address only Reich's first, 27 seconds long, bullet point. I.e., getting to the real truth requires a little scratching of the surface.

If you at times find yourself sympathetic to the pathetic argument that life in these United States has been somehow "unfair" to the middle-class, PLEASE take a few minutes and consider the facts.




  1. I suppose it makes perfect sense to people who are willing to accept that women and immigrants aren't actual people.

  2. Huh?? The whole point is that Reich, and the like, would have you believe that the middle incomers (the actual individuals) of decades ago have seen no improvement in their standard of living (unequivocally false)

  3. The comment made about women and immigrants starting at 4:25 is absurd; even offensive. Income disparity based on anything other than ability is wrong.

  4. You've lost me?? Offensive?? In no way was he justifying nor celebrating the facts re; incomes of women and immigrants... He was simply stating the facts (we hear all the time about the under-paid woman and immigrant) and appropriately discrediting Reich's assertions...