Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today's Quote

I took today's quote(s) from Now think in terms of, in the words of Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, "a smaller, healthier and significantly more efficient public sector." And "we are progressing with structural reforms and privatization." Hmm...

Apparently Greece's mess stems from a large, sickly and significantly inefficient public sector - and - too much state-run as opposed to private-run industry. Or, in other words, moving to less government and more private sector is Greece's only shot at turning itself around.

Now think in terms of in what direction you see our great nation heading. Something we should speak up about, I suspect...

Samaras promised that Greece will soon have "a smaller, healthier and significantly more efficient" public sector. "I have decided that for every ten public servants going into retirement, we will only hire one new one." Samaras also promised further tax and labor market reforms to boost the country's competitiveness.

The Greek prime minister called for more solidarity from Eurozone partners. "We must escape this negative psychology that is like a deep black hole," he said. "We are progressing with structural reforms and privatization. And it is not fair when some in Europe keep want [sic] to push us back into that hole."

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