Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'll pass, but thanks anyway...

Mitt Romney promises to help me and my family. President Obama and Company promises to help me, my family, my union, my waistline, my kids' test scores, my fuel efficiency, my you-name-it. To both gentlemen I say; I'll pass, but thanks anyway. Why (they ask)?

Because I understand what you assume I don't: that you can't help me without hurting someone else in the process. What you would give me and my family you would have to take from someone else and his family. In fact, you can't help me without hurting my prospects for helping myself. For when you help me, and extract resources from those who are helping themselves, you weaken the very fabric of our economy. And, worst of all, you rob me of my ability to fend for myself. Not only by limiting my opportunities, but, worse yet, by instilling in me a welfare mindset.

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