Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Radio Interview

I had the honor this morning of being a guest on WTAD's Morning Meeting with Bryan Nichols and Sean Secrease. You can click here for their home page and scroll down to this morning's link, or click here to go directly to the podcast (it's the first 20 minutes).

Where I make the statement that we're the best house in an ugly neighborhood, I was referring to our currency --- as evidenced by how the world yet rushes to the dollar when things get scary. Sean makes the point that when you look at simply doing business we're not even close. And I agree, partly because --- as I stated re; Cisco --- that's what CEO's are telling us, and partly because other countries are where 96% of the world's customers live.

In Leaving Liberty? I close with the notion that this country's entrepreneurial foundation will withstand the political process. Whether we wise up soon, or (in the short-run) another economic miracle saves our bacon, or we experience Europe-style pain, I stick by that conclusion: that, when the dust settles, the scale tilts in favor of free-market capitalism. In a more pronounced fashion, ironically, if we go the pain route...

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