Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cruel legislation...

As you may know, I am no fan of minimum wage legislation. I have, over the years, leveraged, chapter and verse, the work of several of today's (and yesterday's) top economists who---as opposed to those pushing to heighten the barrier between young and unskilled individuals and gainful employment---understand the cruel nature of such legislation.

Here's an excerpt from today's blog post by oft-here-quoted economist Don Boudreaux. He, yet again, makes perfect sense on the topic:
Here’s a project for all unemployed young people – say, ages 18 through 21 – in America today. Go to a nearby supermarket or restaurant or lawn-care company or pet store and ask for a job at the minimum wage. If you are denied, offer to work for $4.00 per hour. The owner or manager will almost surely decline, saying that it’s against the law.

“Would you like to hire me at $4.00?” you ask.

“Well yes I would” is the answer you’re likely to get in reply.

“So, hire me at that wage. I’m an adult, I’m sober, and I have no mental issues. I’m willing to work for $4.00 per hour.”

“You don’t get it, kid. I can’t hire you at that wage. I’ll get fined, or worse. Go away.”

“Ok, I’ll leave. But no one – including you – will hire me at $7.25 per hour. What am I supposed to do?”

“Look kid. That’s your problem. I’m sorry. I don’t make the laws, but I gotta follow them. Go away now.”

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