Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ego trumps truth...

Don Boudreaux is fast becoming the most quoted economist on this blog. His recent column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ---where he explains why he once turned down a nomination to serve on the president's Council of Economic Advisers---gives you insight as to why. As well as insight into what's behind the often bewildering findings of studies performed claims made by politically-appointed economists.

Here's a snippet:
Third and most importantly, my conscience prevents me from taking such a position. I don't judge others who took, or will take, such a post. But I could not have done the job that the administration invited me to do. That job is principally not to give economic advice. That job, instead, is to give credibility to political maneuvers.

I have to say that Don is far more charitable than I with regard to those who would take such a post. I find it utterly appalling that an economist would knowingly give credibility to economically-destructive, liberty-limiting political maneuvers.

Be sure to read the entire article...

And I highly recommend Don's blog for daily reading...

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  1. Well said, both of you; we all know what "PhD" really means!