Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No more exporting acetone!!

Considering the many applications for the use of acetone, the efficacy of the product and its necessity in terms of the daily lives of virtually every American------I mean, it's the best nail polish remover, paint thinner, etc., and, by the way, its industrial use is off the charts, and it's huge in terms of the production of other chemicals------I propose that Washington immediately ban Dow Chemical from exporting acetone to other nations. By limiting the global market for acetone the price would surely decline, saving the U.S. consumer, well, a lot of money, and boosting the U.S. economy in the process.

Ludicrous? Of course. Is it any more ludicrous than a push by Dow Chemical (the Dow Chemical that does two-thirds of its business outside the U.S.) to ban the exporting of U.S. natural gas would be? Of course not. Well, that's what's occurring as I type.

I've written lots on this topic. Click here if you're interested...

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