Saturday, March 19, 2016

Should we really discourage illegal immigration?

I absolutely know I am (or Milton Friedman is) about to ruffle a feather or two. Before you watch the video, and send me your barbs, ponder these words of wisdom:
“Once your mind is inhabited with a certain view of the world, you’ll tend to only consider instances proving you to be right. Paradoxically, the more information you have, the more justified you’ll feel in your views.” Nassim Taleb

“Our ideas are sticky. And we tend to stick to our theories. Good idea then to delay ones theories, for once they’re made they’re very difficult to let go of.” Nassim Taleb

"There is now scientific evidence indicating that the part of the brain associated with reasoning is inactive when people are given information that conflicts with their own thoughts about a particular subject. In place of reason people seek out information and opinions that confirm their own views." Anthony Crescenzi

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