Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can't Take It With You

A good friend recently sent me the following text:

"Marty, do you have any idea how stupid I'm gonna feel in the moment of death if I go before I retire?!? All those years of saving and for what?!? Just another perspective that I dare you to write about........ Could be a fun and humorous article."

Fun and humor aside, this is indeed a commentary-provoking topic. So here goes:

In all my years as an advisor (I


  1. Good real life stories. My thoughts have always been to:
    ''prepare to die tomorrow and plan to live forever'.
    By doing that I spread out the money throughout my life while still having everything in order in case I die tomorrow.
    That includes funeral preparation, life insurance, and a good accounting of wills and trusts for the family left behind.
    In the meantime, Pete and I enjoy a yearly cruise, vacation home at the coast and work hard in between trips.
    Have a great life.
    Shirley Koleen

  2. I agree, plan to die pennyless. If I still have 1-2 mil. I messed up timeing. When its gone, so...