Friday, September 23, 2011

What About You and Me?

I'll bet you thought that China just willy-nilly prints yuan to keep its value down so as to export more to us than we do to them... Because that's what the democrat politician, the republican politician, the union leader, the talk show host, the journalist, and the wannabe billionaire/politician has been feeding you... It's provocative - and the media loves provocation...

I have much to say on the whole currency-manipulation topic, and will in future posts, but for today's discussion let's say it's true... Let's say China, through whatever means, makes their stuff cheap so you and me will buy it... That's terrible!! How dare they make stuff inexpensive for you and me!! How dare they increase our discretionary income that way!! That's not fair!! That gives you and me the incentive to buy stuff from them as opposed to the same stuff from U.S. manufacturers!! And that leaves you and me with leftover money to invest for our future, or our next vacation, or our next cup of Starbucks U.S. Coffee, or that Briggs and Stratton U.S. Lawnmower we've been eyeballing over at Home U.S. Depot... Those Bastards!!!!

Get ready folks, the politicians, bipartisanly, are gearing up to make international trade a focal point between now and next November...

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