Monday, November 28, 2011

My Kind of Insanity!

Let's pretend it's early 2009 and you happen to be your typical modern-day politician... And let's say you inherit an economic nightmare: A mammoth 44% of revenue deficit, a sick economy, and a looming credit rating downgrade threat from Moody's... Now, being typical, if you happen to run a nation, you'd attempt to print your way out of trouble; bailouts, stimulus programs, quantitative easing... If you run a state, you'd grab all the stimulus money you can and transfer most of it straight through to your myriad entitlement programs...

Now let's pretend you're different, let's pretend your name is Luis Fortu

1 comment:

  1. Yes the models are right in front of the faces of Congress and the Senate, but so are the special interest groups that feed the machine. It's nice to see that Mr.Fortuno has the cohunes' to stand up for his country and not the union's! Via Porto Rica!!!!!