Saturday, November 5, 2011


Wow! I gotta tell ya, it is a little scary out there. I just read a NY Times article by Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman that had some 400+ comments attached... Mr. Krugman, a devout Keynesian, dismisses the arguments folks like me have presented in the presently-heated class war debate... While we've offered up empirical evidence that things aren't necessarily as they seem, Krugman simply dismisses them as "not so"... I guess all this chap needs to do is say "not so", perhaps reference a study or two (with no link) and we're to accept it - with no evidence attached... Hmm...

The scary part is the comments... I just skimmed through them and found but one dissenter (there's surely more)... Clearly folks buy the whole "we gotta redistribute" malarky... Krugman talks about "total income" as if our income somehow belongs to the nation... That one gets me; per this excerpt from my column The Pie:

Folks, don


  1. The so called Fat cat employs lots of people/ A poor man has never given me a job. I worked for so called Fat cats in my life, and I liked it. I own my home, and it's paid for because of Fat Cats. There is a certain segment of our society who have this entitlement mentlity. They want something for nothing. If they do work, they want to start on the top. That isn't how it works.

  2. You're right Hans... That's not how it works...