Monday, December 12, 2011

Letter to the Editor

A poignant message from Phil:

Hi Marty. Well here goes.......

1. I believe in the free market system.
2. I believe that government has far exceeded its role; must be reduced in size immediately. It will be unfortunate that many people loose their jobs due to it's reduction, but things MUST change. (Both parties)
3. I believe that protectionism via tariffs will ultimately severely damage our fragile economy.
4. It is true that history repeats itself; however sometimes those of us that rationalize the events of the moment, do so without recognizing the eventual impact of our actions. Please understand, I'm as guilty as the next guy, but what is clear to me and as you have stated many times; we're spending more than we're bringing in. It must stop.
5. I do believe that the US economy can live with a deficit, and prosper. However, not to the levels that we have currently permitted.

All that said, we have a broken governmental system (bloated and unable to perform properly) If it were 100 years ago, what would we as citizens do? Well, for one; we didn't consider Welfare as a legitimate occupation and means for earning a living. Secondly; the taxes that the "Citizens" of the United States paid actually were used somewhat wisely. Today there are too many watchdogs. If you're a criminal; go to jail and work your time. If the crime is serious enough, the cost of a bullet is only about .75 cents. If you're a citizen; pay your taxes, if you're not a citizen; get out of Dodge. We give too much aid to other countries (never repaid), should concentrate on our own "Legal Citizens", creating jobs.

If US industry can't find a way to build a widget more efficiently, then build something else. We are our own worst enemies; technology developed in the US, in one form or another, has found its way to work against us. It's logical that if you build a better mouse trap and give the technology to another country, they will improve upon it. Live with it...... we have great minds... build something else.

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  1. Good article with a lot of sense as I see it...