Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Getting Better All the Time...

"Hmm" I responded to my good friend's confession that he seldom reads the blog... He [hesitantly] explained that while he finds me to be the sensitive, optimistic sort in conversation, he discovers a less-appealing, somewhat negative side of me in my writings...

The other day, while (still) struggling through my next-to-be-published work, I came across a column I wrote in 2010 titled The Good Old Days, and recalled my buddy's comment...While there may be truth (particularly of late) in Jim's assessment, it is indeed not always the case, damn it!

In fact, as Paul McCartney entertains below, I do believe, in a big way, It's Getting Better All the Time... Or I should say; it gets better, then a little worse, then better, then a lot worse, then a lot better, then a little worse, then better... And of course the getting-worse is the season for planting the seeds of the next getting-better...

I'm guessing Paul's concert took place some 30 years after the song was written... And my what an incredibly good 30 years it was!!

"If you want to be known as a great economist in America, predict growth. If you predict growth you'll be right seventy percent of the time. And if you're wrong temporarily, you'll be right pretty soon." Brian Tracy

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  1. One of the many things I like about you Marty is that YOU are "Getting Better all the Time"! You have a commitment to growth. I love the positive spin! Perhaps it is the inclusion of the music. Let's plan our next quarterly evaluation at a concert venue! Now that is progressive!