Saturday, March 31, 2012

San Francisco Discriminates Against Teens/Unskilled

You'd think San Francisco would be the last place you'd find blatant discrimination against the young and the under-trained... But there's no denying this one... Effective January 1stits minimum wage was bumped to $10.24 an hour - making it the only city in America to breach the $10 mark, and the toughest place for a kid to get a job (not to mention what it does to the welfare rolls)... Bummer!

I didn't even know this until I heard yesterday that Subway will no longer do the $5 footlong in The City Where You Pay... Going forward, $5 will only buy you 9.74 inches of sandwich... The new jingle - "five dollar half-a-foot plus three-and-three-quarter-inch long" - just doesn't stick in your brain like the old "five dollar foot long" did...

But that's the way of it folks... When we're talking basic economics, politicians are either profoundly ignorant, or they assume we are...

Again (from yesterday's column), here's Walter Williams:

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