Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heads in their A**es Part 2 (video)

Last evening I posted a plea to the unlikely co-conspirators Harry Reid and John Boehner to dislodge their craniums from their colons. To not play to the voters' angst and utter lack of understanding the net benefits (to the U.S.) of outsourcing.

It appears that President Obama is gaining some traction on this one. As Romney, the consummate capitalist yet clumsy campaigner, stands frozen in the headlights. He knows there's a compelling riposte, but he knows not how to articulate it. He clearly has no more regard for the consumer's capacity to understand than do Reid and Boehner.

I know many of you struggle with this one. But think about it folks: The U.S.'s (maturing) 300 million represents a mere 4% of the world population. You are sorely mistaken if you believe protectionism, in way, shape or form, can lead to prosperity.

Here's Milton Friedman paraphrasing Leonard Read's I, Pencil.



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  1. This is clearly the final word on this issue. If after listening to Milton Freidman and reading the essay, someone still does not see the folly in economic protectionism, they are either an ideolog or a moron (or both). Global markets promote strong economies, upward mobility of all peoples, cultural exchange and understanding, and peaceful relationships.
    Look carefully around your home, garage, office, storage unit, etc. and ask yourself which of those items (and how many) would you have never been able to purchase, if everything cost 25-50% more because you wanted "Made in America" stamped on it all.
    Also, ask yourself how many jobs at the seaport docks, truckers, employees at truck stops, local oil refineries, truck tire centers, employees at warehouse loading docks, retail sales people, parking lot security guards, cardboard box maufactures, etc., etc., etc., would be out of work without cheap imports. If goods are more expensive, we buy less, and therefore we need less people working in the above jobs. You think unemployment is high now (14.9% is the REAL number)?
    Marty, you are correct. Some people have their craniums so far up their colon, they need a glass belly button to see the outside world.