Tuesday, July 24, 2012

They'll still be there...

At 5,000 feet there's no escaping the market. While there remain elevations that today's technology can't reach, this year's family camp destination isn't one of them. I know what you're thinking; "leave the iPad at home, enjoy the outdoors, time with family, a respite from the rat race." And I get that. But the way I see it, today's technology allows me to enjoy more of the things you were just thinking about. By taking it with me and sneaking into cyber land during down time, it's 11:42pm, I can enjoy the things I love with the people I love and keep you seeing reality through alll the headline fantasy.

Tonight's news is all about renewed fears that Spain won't escape a full-on bailout that would leave bond holders hanging and move Italy to the front of the line.

Like I've said many times here lately, never confuse volatility with loss. The companies whose stocks occupy your equity funds remain lean and profitable, while traders look to gamble shareholder emotion into daily winnings. All the while you and I pay to do stuff: Like drink our coffee, eat our veggies, text our kids, gas our cars, wash our cars, wash the clothes, cool the house, go to the movies, watch ESPN, tip the waiter, shop for school clothes, get the haircut, go to the dentist, play some golf, read a book, contribute to the IRA, take the kids camping, and plan that dream vacation to Spain and Italy (yes, they'll still be there)...

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