Thursday, July 11, 2013

Huge selling going on today!

Wow! Investors are dumping stocks today big time! "Say what?" you say, "the Dow's up 170 points! Looks like investors are buying stocks big time!" Well, yeah, but they gotta buy from somebody, right? Meaning, somebody has to sell them their stocks. And why would somebody sell their stocks? Well, because, for whatever reason(s), they believe it's time to sell. And who knows? Maybe they're right.

So why would I rain sprinkle on your parade? Why would I inject doubt reality amid such optimism? Because I want you living in the real world: Where short-term market fluctuations are impossible to predict and potentially disastrous to time. I want you never forgetting that investing is a long-term proposition that requires patience and discipline, and that short-term volatility can never be the inspiration for long-term investment decisions...

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