Friday, February 3, 2017

Quote of the Day: History Tells How to Create a Safer World -- And -- Protectionism Owes to No Political Party

Michael Shermer, in his thought-provoking book The Believing Brain, makes the point that I've made countless times over the years herein (throughout both "liberal" and "conservative" Washington regimes):
... in the modern world opening trade borders between two countries tends to lower tensions and aggressions between them. And closing trade borders, imposing trade sanctions, increases the likelihood that two nations will fight. These are both good examples of moral patternicities that have worked for and against our species.
In the lead-in I suggested that my criticism of protectionism does not rise nor reduce based on who occupies the oval office. I want to be very clear; when I express what to some would be a politically-conflicting view -- that I believe is essential to the success of our nation, the world, and, yes, our portfolios -- it is in no way intended to endorse nor reject a particular politician or party. Only the subject policy...

In fact, I produced the following back when President Obama slapped a tariff on Chinese tires:

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