Friday, December 15, 2017

This Week's Message: December Trends

Keeping it short and sweet this week (as we prepare Part 2 of our year-end letter [link to part 1]), below are the titles to what we've stuffed into our December '17 trends file thus far.

Bottom line: The global economy presently looks good, U.S. inflation -- while the Fed doesn't (per the December meeting commentary this week) seem to entirely agree -- is clearly brewing, China's debt picture is at the margin improving slightly, the Federal government is collecting a lot of tax money, however, it's spending much more than it's receiving (what else is new?), the Dow's recent results are heavily skewed by Boeing, and the recent rally in transportation stocks suggests good things about the go-forward probabilities for U.S. equities. 

Three of the titles below didn't quite fit in the snip. Here they are completed:
"Global IP (industrial production) slowing due largely to US hurricanes and results out of Central-Eastern Europe. Developed Europe activity strength will likely turn the global tide."
"November jobs report (228) beat expectations, and revision brought September (hurricanes) into the black. Only negative in the report was weak wage growth."
"Economic trends make the case for a higher Euro/Lower dollar going forward. That was my thesis going into 2017... going forward however I see the dollar stabilizing, if not trending higher."
Shoot me an email if you'd like to see any of the data captured beneath a specific title:

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