Friday, February 16, 2018

Today's Data Make Sense

This morning's economic releases happen to jibe with what we've been reporting herein; that is, an improving economy with an attendant pick up in inflation. 

While we'd all love to see robust growth with no inflation, that's just not reality. And while a stock market that's grown accustomed to record low interest rates (not to mention incredibly low volatility) will no doubt shiver and shake under a higher rate regime, general conditions remain on balance bullish.

In summary:

  • Strong housing data confirms yesterday's home builder sentiment report, and what we already know about the supply demand setup.
  • Consumer sentiment remains very strong despite recent market volatility.
  • Import and export prices are rising with the global economic tide. Of course higher import prices also reflect a remarkably weak U.S. dollar.
  • Producer prices are on the rise, but at a healthy, as opposed to a threatening, pace.

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