Thursday, August 30, 2018

China's Picking Up Where We're Presently Leaving Off!

Was talking with a friend yesterday about the ultimate (we're not nearly there yet) risk of the dollar losing its "world reserve currency" status if America truly adopts fundamentally less-global policies over the long-term.

Ironically, here's from Bespoke's morning message (CNY being the Chinese Yuan):
....we note that CNY share of global payments rose to its highest level since January of 2016 in data reported by SWIFT last night. Whether this is a function of easing capital controls, faster economic activity in China, or perhaps an effect of the One Belt, One Road initiative of infrastructure financing in Asia is a good question, but it is interesting to see this “yuan internationalization” indicator tick up despite the selloff in the currency of late.
Clearly, China is picking up where we appear to be leaving off in terms of investing in/taking advantage of the world's growth opportunities. 

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