Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Quote of the Day: U.S. Offerings Are Hugely Popular Elsewhere!

U.S. offerings are exceedingly popular in Asia -- the home of 4.5 billion potential customers (nearly 14 times potential U.S. customers!). 

From Fortune's Data Sheet this morning:
In Singapore, with a population that’s more than 75% Chinese, the most popular websites include Google, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram and WhatsApp, according to Alexa. Baidu ranks 15th. WeChat doesn’t crack the Top 20. In Hong Kong , 75% of Internet users are on Facebook, 74% use WhatsApp, 73% use YouTube, while only 44% use WeChat. In Taiwan, only 24% of Internet users are on WeChat.
You can see why, by and large, U.S. businesses are extremely concerned about the present state of international trade relations.

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