Friday, February 17, 2012

A very short list (you could fill a library) of Government-Related Perverse Incentives...

*In the early 1960's Europe (attempting to bolster its poultry industry) tariffed (added a tax to) U.S. chickens... President Johnson retaliated with a tariff on Europe-made commercial vans... Both tariffs are still on the books... Today, there's a Ford plant in Turkey that affixes rear-side windows and back seats to what would have been commercial vans (i.e., transforming them into consumer [duty free] vehicles)... They're then shipped to America, where they're stripped of their rear-side windows and back seats (materials shredded and sent for recycling) and voil

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  1. Regarding unemployment benifits, when benifits run out employment goes up. That's a fact.