Sunday, February 26, 2012

The UAW's Latest Hit...

The UAW Choir parades a banner featuring Mitt Romney's infamous quote "Let Detroit go bankrupt" (preceded by "Mitt Romney said:"), while in route to their performance at the Republican front-runner's economic address... Their conductor (with a bullhorn) is none other than their president Bob King... They've come to debut their latest single; Thank You President Obama...

Now let's look past Romney's poor choice of words and consider his statement within the context of the law... In fact let's offer this tone-deaf victim of foot-in-mouth disease a little help and re-state it to something [perhaps] a tad less exploitable:

"Let a U.S. company that can't pay its bills go bankrupt... Let it reorganize, if it can (GM could've), and emerge leaner and more competitive... If it can't (maybe Chrysler couldn't have), liquidate it... Let the better-run companies within that industry (Ford and a host of non-US firms [with U.S. plants]) benefit from their leaders' foresight and good management... Let's not fashion a monster, legally-questionable, bailout (born under Bush then expanded 5-fold under Obama), only to later allow a Chapter-11 in a style that breeches bankruptcy law, and the Constitution, to win a union's political favor..."

Let them try and stick that on a banner!

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