Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letter to Clint Eastwood...

Letter to Clint Eastwood...

Dear Mr. Eastwood,

I just watched a replay of your controversial Super Bowl Halftime Chrysler commercial - and read your comments during a CNBC interview yesterday... You said "the average man and woman on the street took the message exactly for what it was. And it's the core message for America. It's halfway through the recession. Let's work our way out of it. It doesn't mean anybody's endorsing anyone or any particular product or particular philosophy." That you're "surprised that the people who are supposed to be intelligent have interpreted it otherwise."

Well Mr. Eastwood, I think myself average and of reasonable intelligence, yet I have indeed interpreted it otherwise... And I don't imagine, given your intellect (I presume), that you'd be so naive to think your message wouldn't take aback those who might have a little insight into the truth behind Detroit's recent success...

You stated in your 2-minute Chrysler-funded spot; "Detroit's showing us it can be done." And, what's true about them is true about all of us."

Oh come on Clint, you're making my day... You gotta be feeling lucky to think you could get away with that garbage... What the UAW has shown us is that when years of mismanagement would've, in a free market, brought your demise - if you're politically connected enough (even in the midst of run-wild government debt and budget deficits) - your donatees will breech the constitution, and bankruptcy law, to redistribute enough taxpayer capital to keep your gravy train on the road... Truly you couldn't have picked a worse example, save for perhaps Greece, to compare "all of us" to...

Now, if Ford had paid for your prime-time kudos to Detroit; if you had said "what's true about Ford is true about all of us", you would have left nothing open to misinterpretation - and you wouldn't need to insult the intelligence of "the average man and woman on the street" with the lame riposte that you're not "endorsing anyone or any particular product"...

Martin L. Mazorra


  1. I still want a new Jeep though.

  2. Detroit? You gotta be kidding... that city is the hell hole of the country today. Completely blighted, and even unsafe to walk in their central business district in broad daylight on a weekday!

    I'd pick Ford and one of its other manufacturing cities, or even one of the top-end imports like BMW who is now doing much of their US car sales manufacturing in the Southern US (and, I understand, without much of a unionized workforce either).

  3. Outstanding Marty! I am sick and tired of the hollywood elite, along with the academia elite telling us how stupid we are and that they know better how to run our lives. Politicians, actors and tenured socialist educators are going to be the downfall of this once great country.

  4. Mercedes, Honda, and Hyundai chose Alabama in which to build factories. BMW chose South Carolina. Volkswagen chose Tennessee. Kia chose Georgia.

    It is interesting to note that all of these states are right-to-work states, something that Michigan is not.

    Today foreign auto manufacturers with plants in the U.S. produce more cars than the Big Three do in their respective American plants. And most of the foreign car companies built their plants in right-to-work states.

    What does that tell us?