Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Blow to Personal Liberty or a Victory for the Commerce Clause? - Or - Beware your sticky ideas

The Supreme Court's surprise decision last week was viewed by ACA opponents as an utter travesty of justice. Of course for ACA proponents - those well-intentioned folk who are comfortable with the notion that government is the place to solve a most distressing problem that, in my opinion, ranks somewhere third-on in terms of what troubles me about America today - last Thursday will go down as one of the greatest days in our young nation's history.

So what would be my top two concerns?

1. The current unbridled pace of growth of government, and consequent shrinking of the private sector (and private sector liberties).

2. The current unbridled pace of growth of government debt.

(3-on would be issues such as spiraling healthcare costs, and others that you might simply add to number one. I.e., entitlements (including corporate welfare) in general, crony trade restrictions, monetary policy, too big to fail, etc.)

Its opponents argue that ACA only serves to exacerbate one and two, but since I've seen estimates suggesting both sides of two (some say ACA will grow the deficit, some say it'll shrink it), I can commit (for now) to only that it exacerbates number one. Now for all you ends-justify-the-meansers out there, make no mistake, number one is a huge deal. I've always said that if Keynesians got it right, that if government spending (government growing) is the path to prosperity, I'll take less prosperity in exchange for greater freedom any day of my life.

Please read Kevin Vallier's article The Obamacare Ruling

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