Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bonus Quote of the Day: (So far) just a blip...

I read very few investment blogs these days; I've found the majority to be little more than echoes of the prevailing media noise. 

Scott Grannis's is a rare exception. Below is a snippet from his post this morning. I encourage you to read the whole thing -- it's brief:

Believe it or not, the threat of imminent nuclear hostilities is (so far) just a blip on the market's radar screen. About as big as the threat of a Frexit, but far less than Brexit, collapsing oil prices, or a Chinese economic implosion. If you want protection from a nuclear holocaust, options are still relatively cheap, with the Vix this morning trading around 14-15, up from a very low 10 a few days ago.
So either the market is ridiculously unconcerned, or the market rates the chances of a nuclear explosion as remote. Considering that the So. Korea stock market is down less than 4% in the past few weeks, it's probably the latter. (You would think Seoul has the most to lose if Kim Jong-un gets crazy enough to start pushing launch buttons.) I note as well that gold is up only 2% or so in the past week.

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  1. Maybe we should be buying uranium (yellow cake) stocks.
    Just kidding of course ... I think.