Monday, December 17, 2018

Read Between the Lines

While this is simply an observation, not a complaint, as the media is what it is, I never cease to be amazed at how the media can spin a headline to incite angst. Yep, angst sells!

Case in point: I just listened to Chinese President Xi's keynote speech marking the 40th anniversary of China's "reform and opening up" program. The headline that's been flashing on my phone for the better part of the past hour says:
Xi calls for China to 'stay the course': No one is in a position to dictate reform to us.
While those were indeed his words, he followed by firmly stating that for China to continue to grow into the future it has to further open its markets, and that it has no interest whatsoever in achieving hegemony -- regardless of the level of advancement it reaches going forward.

While those are of course just words, and void of detail (none should have been expected in this particular speech), they did speak, in conciliatory fashion, directly to the concerns of the West.

My point being, when given a choice, the media often stresses what it believes will cause those who consume it the most stress. Thus, it's always good to read between the lines... 😎

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