Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A Silver Lining Maybe?

As you've noticed, I'm not presently constructive on stocks, but I'm forever open minded.

Bespoke Investment Group points out this morning that rough starts to October don't necessarily mean bad things to come. In fact, while there's of course no causation here, when we look at the 14 times since 1928 when October began with a greater than 1% decline, it's been quite the contrary:

I should add that my lack of confidence with regard to the stock market has everything to do with the present state of general conditions and what it portends for the market well beyond October, and the remainder of this year. Meaning, the market could very well ascend to new all time highs soon (which in fact is a scenario I've been pointing to in our video commentaries), even amid a deteriorating macro backdrop.

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