Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Headline and Quote of the Day

The S&P 500 is moving seriously further into all time high territory this morning -- thing is, nobody's seriously buying it (literally), at least not yet. Meaning there's virtually no volume; as I type about half the average number of shares have traded so far for this time of day.

So, basically, it's that -- despite loft levels, lofty valuations, sketchy technicals, waning fundamentals, etc., -- everybody's just kinda hanging in there this morning. I.e., a few buyers running into stingy sellers.

You wondering why?

Well, here's the headline:
And here's the tweet:
No way any short-term trader in his/her right mind would sell ahead of that!

If you're not a short-term trader, and looking for something perhaps more substantive, here are our last two video commentaries:

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