Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Global Economy Has Issues!

As I mentioned recently, we've developed our own macro scoring system for the Eurozone and 19 additional countries (soon to be 22). 

While the individual country indices are not as robust as our PWA Macro Index, we're nonetheless capturing the essential data that instructs us as to on the ground conditions.

Where available, we're capturing and scoring the trends in areas such as:

Retail Sales
Consumer Confidence
Unemployment Rate
Manufacturing PMI
Services PMI
Industrial Production
Central Bank Policy Rate

Just updated some scores this morning, and, per the summary below, the global economy has real issues heading into the new year (Mexico and Canada, given their proximity to the US [our 2nd and 3rd largest trading partners], are of particular concern):

The good news for you client subscribers is that we're accounting for these issues in our core allocation/strategy going forward.

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