Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Quotes of the Day: Don't Be Silly!

Well, no surprises here; equity index futures are rallying pre-market on the following U.S./China trade news:
"...people familiar with the talks, said the two countries were moving closer to agreeing on the amount of tariffs that would be rolled back in a so-called phase-one trade deal."
As I suggested Monday, and in yesterday's video, it would be silly to have thought such a newsflash wouldn't be forthcoming.

Although I do find the following from Hu Xijin (chief editor of China's state media outlet) earlier this morning interesting:
"I predict there is a high probability that President Trump or a senior US official will openly say in a few hours that China-US trade talks have made a big progress in order to pump up the US stock markets. They've been doing this a lot."
My advice to short-term traders; don't be silly! I mean, just stay out of the way for now... 

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