Saturday, January 28, 2023

Economic Update: Corporate Earnings Shoe to Drop (video)

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  1. Very Impressive! The video captures a lot of data! Much appreciated!
    If I may, I would add one more indicator, which is the VIX (wall street gauge for measuring "fear"). VIX is currently below 20, which means the market is anticipating stability. I think the market is not yet stable in which volatility still exists. In the past, whenever the VIX drops below 20, the market usually rolls over (that is my opinion).

    1. My pleasure Sam! Yes, I've featured the VIX action this year that you reference on a few videos... Here's the link to the last one:

      Keep in mind that stocks rolling over on below-20 VIX is pretty much unique to bear market action... There have been very long stretches where the VIX stayed well below 20... Examples would be '91 thru '96, '04 through '07, the '12 through '19 stretch saw some volatile periods that had the VIX bouncing around above 20, but the majority of the time that level served as stiff overhead resistance.

      We will come to the point again when the VIX breaks below 20, then finds it to be resistance going forward... That'll be a sign that the next bull market had found its legs.