Monday, October 17, 2011

But You Promised!

"This is not the future I was promised!" reads the 3'x3' cardboard square held by a raging 20-something Wall Street demonstrator... I suspect she suspected life would be easier...

Now who would be these promisers,her parents? You think her parents promised her something other than what she's getting? That life would be that proverbial bowl of cherries? Or did she somehow interpret political-speak to suggest that she'd be better off today? Was she promised a free lunch?

So what's her story? Is she the worldly college student with a change-the-world attitude? Is she the laid-off factory worker on her 98th week of unemployment? Is she the trust-fund baby who'll never need to work? Did she get fired from Starbucks for dipping into the till? Is she the stay-at-home mom? Does she have bills to pay? Bills she wants us (taxpayers) to pay? Hmm??

What indeed would inspire her to leave her post in life to rebel without a [clearly defined] cause... By leaving work, by (assuming she lost her job) pushing her unemployment aid to the limit, by leaving her bills unpaid, is she saying she wants what the big banks got? A bailout? Is she thus a bit of a hypocrite?

Just saying......


  1. How about giving the protesters the ownership of a couple of stocks, maybe that would calm them down or change their attitude..... just kidding

  2. Marty,
    Perhaps these demonstrators are realizing that the empty promises made 2 years ago are just that. Our illustrious president is the pied piper of our day and people are finally starting to realize it.

  3. What would happen if the owners of the property that they are camping on came and requested payment for usage? Would their statement be, What do you mean, I'm entitled to this space! "Money for nothing, chicks for free"and we thought the 70's where bad. I resemble that!!

  4. I got a kick out of the comments posted so far. Its hard to believe people have allowed themselves to think life is a free ride on someone else's dollar.