Sunday, October 30, 2011

Whose Wealth??

Sixty-six percent of participants in a New York Times/CBS News Poll say the country's wealth should be more evenly divided...

I assume the question read something like;

"Do you believe the country's wealth should be more evenly divided? Yes or No"

I doubt it read;

"Do you believe another citizen's wealth should be coercively reduced and divided amongst those who didn't produce it? Yes or No"

Do you think of your home, your bank account, your investments as the "country's wealth" or your own?

This is America, right?

Honestly, I am anything but a conspiracy theorist, but clearly there's a class war effort afoot the likes of which we haven't seen in a very long time (if ever)... What troubles me is I'm hearing it from folks I would have never dreamed would buy this garbage...


  1. This came to mind: Do you think a kid with several A:s in his or her report card would like to give a couple away to a C or D student?

  2. Nope... Those A's resulted from hard work... I wonder how hard that kid would work if she knew she'd have to divide the fruits of her labor with the C or D student? In such a world I suspect they'd all become C or D students...

  3. Hi Marty,
    Why should we give away our hard earned money to people who did very little with their lives. I am not about to support the lazy folks who think they are entitled to get money from us and they sit back and live a leisurely lifestyle. That isn't how it works. The communists in Russia, Cuba and Eastern Europe found out it doesn't work.Our current administration wants to change our culture, and embrace Marxism.

  4. Received the following email from a reader... He makes a valid point:

    I'd reword it even more precisely: