Friday, October 14, 2011

Economic Freedom in America Today (video)

Watch this video, and, if you relate, please forward it on...

While the recent trend, in terms of the growth of government, is troubling, the good news is we're talking about it (observation is step one), and you're sharing this with everyone you know... They won't all sympathize, but just maybe you'll get them thinking... Feel free to comment, pro or con, below...


  1. Marty, Thank you so much for the 2011 virtual class on micro and macro-economics. I have learned more from you than any "traditional" class, taught by a "traditional" teacher, in a "traditional' classroom. This comes from a "traditional" teacher with a Ph.D. The Craig School of Business could definitely use you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Wow Mark! Thank You! That's a huge compliment coming from someone I respect greatly!!

  3. I have 3 restaurants; our goal is world peace before profit. We are nice to people, so they come see us more often. It has been a tough 4 years with our guests having less disposable income. We have become more efficient. I went to Costco yesterday and completed my Christmas shopping for my co-workers. They did not get a patio set; Cold Stone Creamery gift certificates at 50% off gives more value to them for less money than in years past. I made sure that sugar-free items are available. Everybody wins...except those competitors who didn't think of the great idea. Let's see what happens next year.