Saturday, October 15, 2011


Quick somebody call Washington!! I just heard that Costco has marked down patio sets by 50% this weekend... This is going to kill patio set sales at every other major outlet in the U.S.!

We need to slap a cease-and-desist on Costco immediately! We're talking unfair trade; consumers will no doubt use their savings to buy even more stuff they need from Costco (unless someone else can more affordably offer them that even-more-stuff-they-need), and if we allow Costco to keep it up, it's going to buy even more property and expand (even more) its stores all over the country... Costco's trying to take over the nation!!

Ridiculous, right? Say right...

So........ China so desperately wants its enterprises to invest in the United States that it subsidizes their exports. I.e., spends its taxpayers' money buying down (through subsidies and (allegedly) "devaluing" its currency) the price of goods (making them very affordable to you and me) so its businesses can accumulate massive quantities of dollars with which to buy U.S. stuff, services and assets.

And BTW - - now think for a minute - - Chinese businesses buying assets from U.S. businesses gives China no power over our military, and places no Chinese politician in the U.S. Congress. I.e., China will garner no more power over the U.S. than Japan had back when a Japanese company bought Pebble Beach from a U.S. Company...

Make no mistake my friends.... We're being baited-and-switched into taking our aim off of the real issues facing this country; issues so clearly spelled out in this two minute video...


  1. What is costco thinking!?!? How dare they give us a discount. I want to spend the most amount of money possible regardless of quality. Don't they know that will hurt their competition!?! How rude of them..

  2. Right!! Maybe we need to send you to Washington :-)