Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Quotes of the Day: Gut Instinct Does Not Generally Serve Us Well (when it comes to investing)

Ned Davis's excellent book Being Right or Making Money is a treasure trove of potential Quotes of the Day.

The last one below should sound familiar to regular readers:
"So the bottom line is that people often create their own realities, based upon things that may have happened to them as far back as the very early years of life. We are all subject to that condition." 
"We are human. This means what feels right and easy and obvious in your gut is quite often wrong."
"One needs to know one's nature, but to make money consistently in stocks, one must also be able to be an optimist or a pessimist when the objective indicator evidence so dictates."
"To avoid being swept up by the crowd, and to prevent our own reality from becoming badly distorted, we need an unbiased, objective standard that weighs the evidence and passes judgment devoid of emotionalism."

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