Monday, November 27, 2017

Stats of the Day: Hard Not To Be Bullish on the Global Economy

As Bespoke states below, with the Eurozone looking so good -- on top of our own assessment of the U.S. economy -- it's hard to be anything but presently bullish on the global economy:

.... positive activity sentiment was visible in surging Flash European PMIs (chart). Japanese activity is also picking up, but the European acceleration’s new highs are truly remarkable. We note that French Services PMI logged a reading north of 60, while Eurozone Manufacturing at 60.0 was the strongest since April of 2000 and the second-strongest reading in the history of the series. We cannot stress enough how hard it will be for global growth to lag as long as domestic economies in the Eurozone look as solid as the Flash November PMI data describes.
To add yet more fuel to those positive flames, German business confidence just hit an all time high:

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