Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Kudlow Breaks His Silence!

Had a technical difficulty with this morning's promised video commentary. In that we tend to produce those during major down moves, we've decided to hold off till the next one of those days. 

Yep, you should expect more of "those days" in the present environment.

So what about that huge bounce back today?

In our post this morning we mentioned White House adviser Larry Kudlow, and mentioned that he's been "eerily silent" since becoming the Administration's highest-ranking economist. Larry's someone we'd like to hear from in that he prides himself on being an advocate for free trade. Well, lo and behold, he stepped into the fray today.

Here's what he said:

“None of the tariffs have been put in place yet, these are all proposals,” Kudlow said in an interview Wednesday with Bloomberg News. “We’re putting it out for comment. There’s at least two months before any actions are taken.”
Make no mistake, Wall Street knows Larry, and it knows that if he's ultimately to be the setter of U.S. economic policy, he'll be doing his darnedest to wriggle Washington away from the tariff idea while somehow saving face (not appearing to have gotten scared off) in the process.

This headline didn't hurt either:

Trump is Said to Soften Nafta Demand on Regional Car Content

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