Sunday, April 22, 2018

Quote of the Day: The Post Office Needs A Large Dose of the Free Market

Ironic how the U.S. Postal Service remains mired in government bureaucracy while Germany and Britain turned theirs over to the private sector, and they're fixed.

From the April 19th issue of The Economist:
European countries have shown that market forces improve postal markets (see article). Every member of the EU allows at least some competition for postal delivery. Competition has spurred innovation and efficiency. Since Germany privatised Deutsche Post in 1995, the firm has expanded massively. Along the way, it has pioneered delivery lockers, at which consumers can pick up packages, and experimented with deliveries to parked cars. Britain privatised Royal Mail in 2013, allowing it to raise capital and evolve free from political meddling. Compare that with America, where private couriers are not even allowed access to the public’s letterboxes.

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