Sunday, September 23, 2018

Quote of the Day: Always Govern Yourself by Conditions, Never By Fears!

If we're right, and a "rough patch" is on the near-term horizon (what an easy "prediction" to make! I mean, there's never not a forthcoming market rough patch; the question is when), the following is timely:
"...the average man, who never thinks of values but of prices, and is not governed in his actions by conditions but by fears..."
"It is the way a man looks at things that makes or loses money for him in the speculative markets. The public has the dilettante’s point of view toward his own effort. The ego obtrudes itself unduly and the thinking therefore is not deep or exhaustive. The professional concerns himself with doing the right thing rather than with making money, knowing that the profit takes care of itself if the other things are attended to." 
--Jesse Livermore 

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