Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Quotes of the Day: It's 1999!

Tweet this morning by economist John Hussman:

"Guy buys penny stock.
Convinces others to buy.
Penny stock price soars as own followers chase it.
Guy unloads stock to followers. Followers call broker to sell. Broker asks "To whom?"
Bucket shops and boiler rooms are alive and well."

Text this morning with my son Jonathan:
Jonathan: "One of my co-worker's friends LOL!"
 "Jamie said she bought a few stock things because one of her coworkers convinced her to."
Me: "OMG! It's 1999!" 

Text with my son Nick after I shared my text from Jonathan:
Nick: "Yep.. and absolutely easier and cheaper to jump on the bandwagon... as I'm sure she's even recommending stock things to others because of her tremendous experience thus far." 
Me: Yep! 

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