Friday, May 27, 2022

Economic Update (video)

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  1. Thanks for the economic update video. I am just curious about what you think about student loan forgiveness and how it will affect inflation. $10,000 forgiveness for people making $125,000 or less. There is some indication that President Biden might announce some sort of forgiveness during his commencement speech on Saturday 5/28 at the University of Delaware. For myself personally, I don't like it and the government should not print money just because they can. Thank you. Have a good weekend and a happy holiday.

  2. My pleasure Sam... Quick answer: At the margin, sure, one could argue that student loan forgiveness could be inflationary... Particularly where it applies to student debt that is presently being serviced, as it would free up income with which to spend... While also enhancing the "wealth effect." Having less debt would have one feeling wealthier, and when one feels wealthier one might feel freer to spend...