Friday, September 29, 2017

Financial sector bullishness...

Back on September 7th we briefly explained why we remain stubbornly bullish on financials. Here's a chart of the moves in major sectors since then: 

click to enlarge...

Here's the order:

Financials +8.2%
Energy +4.8%
Industrials +4.2%
Materials +3.2%
Telecom +2.6%
Tech +0.5%
Consumer Discretionary +0.5%
Health Care -1.3%
Consumer Staples -2.3%
Utilities -3.9%

Now, be careful (actually, we be careful), if I had a nickel for every time our long-term view didn't jibe with short-term action, well, I'd have a boatload of nickels right about now...

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